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Thursday 27th January 2011


Sent:Tuesday, January 11, 2011 8:26 PM – Subject: SCOURGING ANGEL

Dear Mr.Gummer,

So here we have a book about a deadly disease that plagued the United Kingdom many centuries ago written by the son of a man who told us that contaminated BSE diseased ridden beef was safe to eat. Today we witness the devastating consequences of decisions made by individuals in positions of power, we witness the modern day plague “the human form of mad cow disease (vCJD)”. How insensitive of you to write this book about an incurable disease, do you not realise that people are dying from the human form of mad cow disease in this country and that millions of us have been exposed to vCJD, here is a modern day quote from the Guardian magazine 2001:


Today there is a cure for the black death but not for the human form of mad cow disease, perhaps you should consider writing a book about vCJD a current incurable disease that the vast majority of us have been exposed to I am sure you would receive plenty of support from your father.

Yours disgusted,

Mrs Norma T , West Susssex

With this blog are just a few of the many, letters and emails that myself and Benedict Gummer has received over the cruel and insensitive publication of his book. (see above and below and right the jacket cover ‘The Scourging Angel’).

Benedict Gummer son of John (Gummer Minister of Agriculture during BSE scandal) has written a book called ‘The Scourging Angel’ about the plague and how it wiped out a quarter of the UK population, his promotional blurbs describe how ‘ a lethal pathogen incubated in people silently’ …..This is the son of John Gummer who as UK Minister allowed and unleashed the lethal pathogen BSE/vCJD a plague of potential biblical proportions exposing millions of innocent babies, children and people in the UK and throughout the global community.

Benedict Gummer (32) was elected as Conservative MP last year for Ipswich. His seat was secured by his father’s wealth, influence and by the support of Kenneth Clarke (Health Minister who allowed BSE infected material into baby food, school meals, and vaccines). Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke who is also a member of the Prime Ministers Cabinet travelled to Ipswich and met with wealthy landowners, businessmen during Benedict Gummers electioneering. Many meetings behind closed doors with the help of the ‘old boy network’ helped to secure Ben Gummers seat. Prime Minister David Cameron’s political career is supported and funded by Peter Gummer (brother of John) who now resides in the House of Lords.

John Gummer has also been rewarded for his lies and corruption as he too now resides with his brother Peter in the House of Lords where they continue via the old Tory mafia to have influence on Government Policy and the Law. They also use this influence to prevent and to try and block any investigations into BSE/vCJD.


One of the letters to Benedict Gummer below was written by a heartbroken mum Sandra from Birmingham who lost her 28 year old son to vCJD…..….

Friday 21st January 2011

Many people have contacted me regarding this latest research below, see link and report. This study revealed that mice subjected to rogue prions via aerosols developed cjd after ‘breathing in the lethal pathogen’. Breathing in any toxic material is a fast track to the brain and would be a clear and quick path for the rogue prions that cause vCJD to enter the human body. That is without question, but my concern is that this is not new information or knowledge. 

Dr Aguzzi from University Hospital Zurich and his team continue to produce ground breaking research into prion disease; I applaud and admire their hard work and tenacity. In Switzerland there has been a huge increase in sporadic cjd and expert scientists in the country believe this is due to exposure to BSE infected material.

This ‘new’ research regarding inhalation suggests that vegetarian victims of vcjd couldn’t possibly have become infected orally and so it must be some other route. My Andrew didn’t eat any beef or beef products from the age of six years old, but what he did receive in common with all victims of vCJD was his vaccines.

 Has this new research regarding the ‘breathing in lethal pathogens’ by Dr Aguzzi moved onwards from the information already within the public domain and scientific community? (See comments below) I don’t doubt the integrity of Dr Adriano Aguzzi and his team and remain open to everything they have to tell us, but this paper has told me nothing I didn’t already know. We know that abattoir workers, farmers, farmers wives have died of vCJD and of course sporadic form of the disease too. We also know of Linda a mum of six, a worker at the Tyson slaughter factory in Texas, USA who recently died of cjd her family convinced it was Vcjd due to her handling and killing cattle. The risks to workers in this field are high but once again this knowledge is already in the public and scientific domain.

 My concern is that I am seeing and reading more and more published papers especially those backed by the UK government that are re-workings of information already gathered or out there. I know specific research into vCJD here in the UK is manipulated and planned by the Department of Health and Whitehall, to conceal rather than reveal. Funding is given to all sorts of weird and odd areas and I believe this is to muddy the waters. By increasing the possible sources and avenues of infection it makes is harder to prove and pin down the real culprit.

 I read comments all the time from the UK CJD unit about prion disease and especially vCJD that are re hashed and nothing new, some of these quotes that appear in the media, so called new research is paraphrased from statements made several years ago and yet we are told research into cjd and vcjd is ongoing and current? I have attended lectures here in the UK given by the world experts in prion disease and listen to the same information, again and again………what is happening here? Some of these lectures are years apart and yet I learn nothing new and hear nothing new? Yet these scientists are working away apparently 24/7 looking for answers, cures and treatments? I know there is a lot of information that is being kept secret and that these scientists working for the UK department of health know a great deal more than they are being allowed to reveal to the public. 

The first officially recorded case of BSE was over 27 years ago, the first official recognised victim of vcjd 16 years ago and yet the public is still not being told the truth about the specific source of the infection.the numbers that are probably carrying the disease and the threat to future generations.

 So I am perplexed at this latest research? As a member of the concerned public as a mum who lost her only son to vCJD. Is this latest information that scientists have presented re aerosols…a new discovery that will help victims, treatments, cures or just another way of recycling old information in a new format? Surely this research highlights the shabby and dangerous way the UK government disposed of the million BSE infected carcasses. BSE infected cattle were burnt and buried in landfill sites across the UK, what happened to that ash? Did it fall on local houses, fields or schools, what happens to the still infectious remains of those BSE diseased animals as they degrade into the very earth in which vegetables and other food sources are obtained? 

And why are young people still dying of vCJD 22 years after the SBO ban when specified bovine offal was banned from the human food and medicine chain? Surely these questions should be answered?

 I remain open to all theories but there seems to be a lot of overlapping and unnecessary duplicating of research taking place within prion research that is helping to contain its secrets not reveal. Why is this happening and who is sanctioning the funding? Whose interests is it serving? The public or government? We face further victims of vCJD over the next decades, perhaps hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of victims ….no one knows the true numbers…but for sure more innocent people will die…..

‘one in a thousand of the UK population is probably carrying vcjd’ BBC1 May 2008 Prof John Collinge’ 


Over 16 years ago it was known that rogue prions could be inhaled and cause cjd. In the book ‘Deadly Feasts Tracking the secrets of a new and terrifying plague’ author Richard Rhodes (1997) ( ISBN 0-684-82360-8) talks about inhaling rogue prions on page 242. Highlighted by a quote from the UKs Daily Telegraph April 4th 1996, that stated

 ‘Gardeners have been reminded by the Royal Horticulture Society to wear gloves and dust excluding masks to avoid any risks of BSE when applying spring dressing of blood and bone-meal to roses and shrubs’

 This mixture used in gardens was extracted from BSE infected cattle and it was found that gardeners had succumbed to cjd after inhaling these products.

 As early as 1995 leading expert in CJD Professor Carleton Gajduesk warned the author Rhodes not to use ‘ blood or bone meal on your roses.’ Because of the risk to his health of developing cjd if he inhaled the dust or handled the material.  



Aerosols transmit prions to mice, causing disease

 Contact: Adriano Aguzzi

Public Library of Science 

Scientists at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI; Tuebingen) have challenged the notion that airborne prions are innocuous.Details of how inhalation of prion-tainted aerosols induced disease are published January 13 in the open-access journal PLoS Pathogens.

It is known that prions can be transmitted through contaminated surgical instruments and, more rarely, through blood transfusions. However, prions are not generally considered to be airborne – in contrast to many viruses such as influenza and chicken pox.

In the new study, the authors housed immunodeficient and immunocompetent mice in special inhalation chambers and exposed them to prion-containing aerosols, which induced disease. Exposure to aerosols for one minute was sufficient to induce disease in 100% of mice. The longer the exposure, the shorter the incubation time in the recipient mice, after which they developed the clinical signs of a prion disease. These findings indicate that prions are airborne. Prions appeared to transfer from the airways and colonize the brain directly, since various immune system defects – known from previous experiments to prevent the passage of prions from the gut to the brain – did not prevent infection.

The prion is the infectious agent that caused the epidemic of “mad cow” disease, also termed bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). BSE claimed the life of more than 280,000 cows in the past decades. Transmission of BSE to humans, e.g. by ingestion of food derived from BSE-infected cows, causes variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which is characterized by a progressive and invariably lethal breakdown of brain cells. Consumption of food made from BSE-infected cows has caused the deaths of almost 300 people.

The precautionary measures against prion infections in scientific laboratories, abattoirs, and animal feed factories have not typically included stringent protection against aerosols. These new findings suggest that it may be advisable to consider the possibility of airborne prion transmission, and to create regulations aimed at minimizing the prion infection risks to humans and animals.

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: This work was supported in part by EU grants ANTEPRION and PRIORITY (LS), and the TSE-Forschungsprogramm des Landes Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany (LS). This work was also supported by grants from the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (AA), the EU grants LUPAS and PRIORITY (AA), the Novartis Research Foundation (AA), and an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council to AA. MH was supported by the Foundation for Research at the Medical Faculty, the Prof. Dr. Max-Cloetta foundation and the Bonizzi-Theler Foundation. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

COMPETING INTERESTS: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

CITATION: Haybaeck J, Heikenwalder M, Klevenz B, Schwarz P, Margalith I, et al. (2011) Aerosols Transmit Prions to Immunocompetent and Immunodeficient Mice. PLoS Pathog 7(1): e1001257. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1001257

Saturday 15th January 2011

My thoughts are with the family of this latest victim of vCJD a 44 year old Italian woman. (see press link below).

Food and medicine products were exported throughout Europe and our global communities throughout the BSE scandal, many of the deaths abroad are due to these exports of toxic BSE food, medicines, cattle/cattle feed , or the victims visiting, working or living in the UK.

It would appear acrossEuropethat a similar pattern of deaths are emerging. In the UK when the first officially recognised deaths of victims of vCJD were recorded although they were predominately in their teens and early twenties there was also a victims from in their thirties, forties, fifties and older. Sine 2007 victims of vCJD, officially recognised by the UK Department of Health seem to have become almost exclusively young people in their late teens or early twenties.

I fear the death of this 44 year old may now herald a similar pattern and this also highlights with the regular and ongoing deaths of young people in the UKthat our babies and children were exposed to BSE infected material for much longer and on a increasingly toxic basis. Experts blames school meals, baby food and vaccines being a probable source of the infection….but this also points that the youngsters succumbing to vCJDin the 21st century were exposed to the lethal pathogen much later…..and from probably the same specific source.

I fear that this 44 year old woman dying of vCJD in Italy heralds an ongoing wave of many more victims across Europe ….over the coming decades and years….…..

Second Italian dies of human mad cow disease
Livorno woman follows Sicilian woman in 2003
06 January, 14:19

(ANSA) – Livorno, January 6 – Italy on Thursday saw its second death from the human variant of mad cow disease, a Livorno hospice for the dying reported Wednesday.

The 44-year-old woman from Livorno was admitted to the hospice in July in the final stages of her battle against variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), the human form of the fatal brain-wasting illness.

Italy’s first case, a Sicilian woman, died in 2003 after struggling with vCJD for about a year.

The variant of CJD, for which there is no known cure, is believed to be caused by eating meat infected with mad cow disease or BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy).

Almost 190,000 cattle have died from the bovine form in the same period, the vast majority in the UK.

EU restrictions on people eating beef-off-the-bone and offal were lifted in 2006 as the ‘mad cow’ crisis was declared officially over.


Woman’s death in northern Italy is nation’s 2nd fatal case of mad cow disease;
ROME – A hospital in northern Italy says an Italian woman has died of mad cow disease, the nation’s second victim of the brain-wasting illness.

The woman, in her mid-40s, had been in Livorno hospital since July for treatment of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, as the illness is formally known. Italy’s first victim of it was a Sicilian woman who died in 2002.
An Italian agriculture lobby, Coldiretti, is insisting Thursday that the latest death shouldn’t scare meat consumers, since rigid controls of cows to be butchered have been in effect inItaly since 2001.Livorno hospital officials have said the woman probably contracted the illness in the 1990s. Experts believe the human form of the illness comes from eating meat of infected animals.

14th January 2011


The son of John Gummer has just published a book titled ‘SCOURGING ANGEL’.

Benedict Gummer Conservative MP for Ipswich was born in 1978, and received a wonderful education at Cambridge. Despite this advantage his attitude seems to be as arrogant as his father. The cruelty and insensitivity of Benedict and the Gummer family has heaped further distress onto grieving families who have lost and are losing their loved ones to vCJD.

 Benedict Gummers subject is the ‘BLACK DEATH’ a plague that killed nearly a quarter of the UK population in the 14th century, he describes in graphic detail the disease as its marched through the global community, its symptoms and devastating loss to families in villages and towns across UK.


I was given a copy of the book by a publishing agent who is also a supporter and friend of the campaign , I have read the book thoroughly, Benedict Gummers simple and rather flowery prose tells of the tragic and terrible human cost of the plague. Totally ignoring the fact that his own father has put millions of us at risk through a much more terrifying 21st century plague. BSE and its lethal pathogen. vCJD….. There are now treatments for the Black Plague, vCJD always kills and there is no treatment. VCJD was and is a UK man made manufactured disease, avoidable and preventable, and it continues to kill especially young people on a regular basis.

As one of Benedict Gummers promo for ‘Scourging Angel ‘ states:


Experts believe the incubation period from ingesting BSE infected material to developing vCJD could be as long or longer than 40 years. I was told my Andrew probably ate BSE infected material when he was young…..my Andrew too had an invisible pathogen incubating in his young body….an avoidable disease that John Gummer and his Government created, allowed and condoned into the human food and medicine chain.

Millions of us in the UK could be incubating vCJD, the appalling publication of Benedict Gummers ‘ Scourging Angel’ has shocked, saddened and angered all families who have lost loved ones to vCJD and also slighted the millions of people in the UK who have been unwittingly exposed to BSE.

Dean Burrell aged 25 who was born in the same area as the Gummer family have their country estate, died of vCJD last summer. His Mother is totally heartbroken and devastated by the publication of the book.

Benedict Gummer his siblings, his father John and mother Penelope received and continue to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle founded on the BSE scandal, its greed lies and corruption which killed my only son and so many innocent people. Even now John Gummer profits from talking and chairing various companies, groups and farming organizations, whilst victims of vCJD struggle to be heard and recognised. Here is just one of the many payments that John Gummer receives for speech making, sitting on companies and generally making money for doing very little……..23 February 2010, received payment of £1,500 from Robert Brett & Sons Limited, Robert Brett House, Milton Manor Farm, Ashford Road, Kent CT4 7PP, for speaking engagement. Hours: 4 hrs.

No doubt Benedict Gummer also received a large advance fee for his book ‘SCOURGING ANGEL’ and will profit from the sale of his book……

As a representative of Justice for Andy as my only sons voice as the voice of parents, siblings, grandparents family and friends of those that have lost loved ones to vCJD, we are appalled that this book has ever seen the light of day let alone be published.

Perhaps Benedict Gummer would like to donate his huge advance and all profits to a charity instead of the Gummers once again profiting from others misfortune and horrific deaths…?….

Tuesday 4th January 2011
With this blog are photos of just a few of the victims of vCJD whose lives were wrecked and unlawfully stolen. On 12thNovember 2010 to mark International CJD day families and myself from across the UK and our

global community delivered a petition to David Cameron and also personal letters addressed to him regarding our losses. The petition contained many evidence backed questions and challenges none of which have received a response.


It is now 51 days and David Cameron the UK Prime Minister has not had the decency to personally reply to the tear stained letters from families affected by vCJD. These came from members of the Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Christian and our multi faith and cultural global communities all of which were represented within the petition and its letters.







Many of the personal letters were heartbroken and very personal accounts of parents nursing their child dying with vCJD, appealing to David Cameron as a father who has also lost a child…..

David Cameron and his Conservative led cabinet….continue by their resounding silence to treat victims of vCJD with contempt, lack of respect hoping that we will be silenced and will go away. It’s the same contempt that was and is fostered by the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke and the old guard Tories that were responsible for BSE.

Millions across the UK and the global community have been exposed to BSE infected material and its lethal pathogen vCJD……whilst David Cameron and his Conservative led government block the campaign and its supporters they are ignoring the millions of us across the UK and the global community who have also been exposed to BSE infected material. Everyone over 13 years old in the UK has eaten at least 50 BSE infected meals….….

Since I delivered the petition and letters on 12th November 2010 to mark International CJD day I have watched with mounting distaste as our UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his officials attend celebrity bashes, Christmas/New Year drinks parties and lunches mixing with bankers and those that are lining their pockets during the recession. Meanwhile a letter and plea from a mum who lost her only daughter to vCJD and many more remain sidelined, forgotten. I have sources who tell me of countless semi secret government official back slapping expensive dinners and lunches in which deals are made, in which the ordinary man and woman in the street are ridiculed and their interests sidelined for shareholders and corporations that increasingly line the pockets of the rich Conservative fraternity.

With this blog are photos of just SOME of those who have been unlawfully killed by vCJD….

As a new year dawns families across the UK including David Cameron’s, John Gummer and Kenneth Clarkes look forward to a new year of possibilities and experiences….for my son and all victims of vCJD there is no new year, new day, as they lay in cold graves far removed from the lives they had and should have had and lived………….

PHOTOS OF Grant Goodwin died aged 30, Andrew Black died aged 24, Dean Burrell Died aged 25, Edward Peduzie died aged 26, Billy Smith Died aged 21….Kate Richer aged 22 and Jorawar Gill aged 18.