June 2012

19th June 2012

The USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will now post a warning on human vaccines about the risk of vCJD transmission. The USA vaccines sourced from human albumen (blood donations) will have similar wording to those already used on blood bags/blood products in the USA. Though the FDA is playing down the risk as ‘remote’ this was the same wording used by the UK Department of Health during the BSE crisis here in the UK and since by government funded experts.

Two young men from Eastleigh near Southampton UK died of vCJD within weeks of each other both had been vaccinated from the same batch of polio vaccines. One of the young male victims was inoculated at school the other at a local college. Their families have been kept completely in the dark about the batch numbers and drug companies who produced these vaccines. The connection between the two young men’s deaths, their proximity to each other and the fact they had received vaccines from the same batch caused a press and public frenzy of concern. The UK Department of Health responded with Ray Bradley as their spokesperson who said ‘their was no connection between the two deaths’. This was the same Ray Bradley a scientist and head of the Central Vet Lab who kept secret the diagnosis of the first recorded case of BSE for nearly two years. See Bradley’s profile and expose on this website.

All victims who have died of vCJD received their childhood adolescent vaccinations; many did not eat school meals or commercially prepared baby food. The one common factor with all the victims were their exposure to vaccines sourced from BSE herds and produced using human material from blood donations.

With the FDA’s admission of this warning does this mean all recipients of vaccines will now be told about this ‘risk’ and choices they may have? Or is this wording on a very small vial of vaccine going to be missed by most patients about to receive their jabs?

For more information about America’s FDA’s warning and information about vaccines check out this link: www.vaccineawareness.com.


Andrew suffering from vCJD

When will this same warning be posted on vaccines here in the UK?

Thursday 14th June

Two newspaper articles below highlight how the truth was distorted and manipulated during the BSE scandal. The first feature which appeared in The Observer August 8th1999 clearly states a case for growth hormones in cattle being one of the causes of transmitting BSE to herds and possibly one of the causes of the infection. The second article written in The Times also supports what many experts have told me that vaccines held a very real threat of transmitting the disease onwards to humans, and how this was downplayed by Margaret Thatcher, Kenneth Clarke and the Conservative government.

Though these articles were written many years ago their investigations, research and arguments reveal a lot of factual and shocking information about how little the UK government during the 1980s and 1990s thought about the general public health and well being, preferring to keep the cash cows breeding, feeding and providing huge profits for business and shareholders. Meanwhile millions of UK children including my Andrew were inoculated using material from BSE infected herds, food from cows riddled with BSE was used to make commercially prepared baby food, school meals and to feed our armed forces and hospital patients. Many of the hierarchy in the current Conservative led government (2012) owe their luxurious lifestyles, promotions and huge mansions to their lies and corruption during and since the BSE scandal. The Department of Health at the behest of the government allowed the continue use of vaccines which the Prime Minister Thatcher and her minions knew could kill in the coming decades.

My Andrew had vaccines to prevent diphtheria, polio, tetanus, meningitis, and TB, all would have been sourced from the fetal serum from dying and diseased BSE infected cattle.

As one top scientist who worked closely with John Gummer and Kenneth Clarke during the BSE scandal told me in recorded interviews ‘ they knew the risks but still told the public there was no risk to eating BSE cattle our medicines were also sourced from the same herds, those ministers are culpable’.

Growth hormone blunder may have given Britain mad cow disease

Sunday, August 8, 1999 London Observer Service

LONDON — Britain’s “mad cow” disease epidemic was caused by a scientific experiment that went wrong, some experts believe. The blunder has cost Britain $6.4 billion, claimed the lives of 43 people and triggered fears that the death toll could eventually reach several million.

Experts believe that hormones, taken from the brains of slaughterhouse carcasses, were injected into cows in a bid to create a new breed of super-cattle. But the experiment — carried out in the 1980s — backfired. The hormones, extracted from pituitary glands, were transmitted in an agent that spread mad cow disease and eventually infected humans as new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (nvCJD).

Twenty years ago, a similar use of human growth hormone, extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers and given to children with congenital dwarfism, was shown to have spread CJD among humans.

“The theory is simple,” said Dr. Anne Maddocks, a retired senior medical scientist who specialized in infection control at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. “The promiscuous use of pituitary hormones in cattle led to BSE in the same way that they led to CJD in humans. The timing of the deaths in cattle and humans who were exposed to pituitary hormones is very compelling.”

Maddocks has spent a year investigating the theory, which overturns previous ideas that blamed the epidemic on changes in the preparation of sheep carcasses infected with the brain disease scrapie, which were fed to cattle. Maddocks is backed by Malcolm Ferguson-Smith, an award-winning Cambridge University scientist on the government’s mad cow disease inquiry team.

Evidence supplied separately by Joanna Wheatley, a former researcher and now an organic beef farmer, also supports the theory. Wheatley says abattoirs were selling pituitary glands to vets and researchers. Cows then got the disease through contaminated brain extract in their hormone injections. Infected cattle were “recycled” back into the national herd when carcasses were used in feed or bovine medicine.

The theory is also supported by David Brody, the lawyer acting for families of victims of the BSE-related nvCJD, who are suing the government. Brody also represents families of those who died from CJD after receiving growth hormone treatment. “One has to take this theory very seriously indeed,” he said. “There is a striking resonance to the timing of events and the thinking behind them, and the similarities suggest that serious questions need to be answered.” A spokesman for Ministry of Agriculture refused to be drawn: “It is a theory being considered, but it is only a theory.”

Although the ban on British beef exports was lifted in Europe last week, specialists warn that nvCJD could still kill millions of people. Sir John Pattison, the chairman of the government’s scientific advisory body on the disease, said it would take a decade to know the full impact of the crisis.

“We, as a population, are in deep trouble,” he said. “That is why the range of possible numbers of variant CJD still goes from something not very different from the numbers we have at the moment to six- or seven-figure numbers.” His remarks led another panel member, David Pepper, to warn that the chance of such comments causing “alarm and despondency and maybe even worse are quite high.”

In another sign that scientists are still in the dark over the disease, a new warning has been issued by John Collinge, another scientist advising the government, suggesting that people having their tonsils and appendix out are at risk of contracting nvCJD. This is because the disease has been found in these parts of the body and can be spread through surgical instruments, he warns.

Risk of BSE in vaccines revealed

August 8 1999 Jonathon Carr-Brown London Times

Four of Britain’s most senior scientists downplayed the potential risk of the transmission of BSE to humans through vaccines to prevent a serious health scare. They insist that the secret warnings they gave to medical experts to make vaccines from materials that came from non-BSE-infected cattle were not fully implemented.

New evidence given to Lord Phillips’s BSE inquiry reveals that the BSE working group, set up in 1989 by Margaret Thatcher and led by Sir Richard Southwood, be-lieved the risk of transfer through vaccines was “relatively high”, not “remote” as its final report claimed.

The route by which BSE transfers to humans in the form of new-variant CJD is unknown. There is a possibility that one agent could be the thousands of vaccines used until 1993 that were made out of material likely to have come from infected cattle. The vaccines were used to treat diseases such as measles, rubella and tetanus.

In 1989 the Southwood report proved pivotal in the way other bodies overseeing medical products assessed the risk to the public. In particular, the Committee on Safety of Medicines cited the report when it decided not to destroy thousands of stockpiled vaccines made or cultured using bovine materials.

[Millions is more likely than thousands. These possibly tainted stocks continued to be used up until 1993 when they were gone from inventory. Children are of especial concern given that all are required to receive the shots and because of their long life expectancies. Britain could lose a whole generation from this — why not simply purchase the vaccines from the US? — webmaster]

In a twist during the BSE inquiry, Southwood, professor of zoology at Oxford University, and his former colleagues – Lord Walton, a leading clinical neurologist; Sir Anthony Epstein, a former head of the department of pathology at Bristol University; and Dr William Martin, a distinguished veterinarian – were recalled by Phillips to explain why their report “presented a misleading picture of the working party’s views”.

Southwood admitted his inquiry did not regard the risk as remote, but “relatively high”. Asked if he thought the risk from vaccines was greater than the risk of being infected after eating beef, Southwood replied: “Yes.”

Epstein defended the approach the Southwood inquiry took. “Those authorities were consulted in no uncertain terms,” he said. “If they choose to disregard all of the warnings they received and hide behind the word ‘remote’ what can we do?”

Friday 8th June 2012

The research paper below carried out by the Institute Pasteur in France is very concerning as it seems to highlight that BSE and vCJD and presenting symptoms have the ability to alter and mutate.

Andrew with Christine

Andrew laughing with Christine

Thirteen out of twenty primates who were exposed to vCJD contaminated blood products developed a new neurological disease to monkeys which they have called MYELOPATHY. This medical term means severe damage/disease of the spinal cord which includes many distressing symptoms such as loss of balance, difficulty in walking eventually leading to paralysis/brain damage, with similarities to motor neuron disease in humans.

The symptoms experienced by the primates were also similar to those my Andrew suffered as he lay dying of vCJD. Significantly when the scientists from the Institute of Pasteur screened the sick monkeys with tests used to screen human victims for vCJD the tests all proved negative.

The scientists who conducted this research have stated:

‘Similar human infections, were they to occur, would not be identified as a prion disease by current diagnostic investigations’

So have similar infections already manifested themselves in humans including very young children? How many people have really died from the rogue prions that cause vCJD? How many cases of vCJD have been diagnosed with some other neurological disease?

Myelopathy has also been seen in a variety of ‘new neurological diseases’ in adult humans which consultants have been unable to identify or even give a defined diagnosis. From 1997 to 2004, some UK Pediatric Consultants were asked to monitor their young patients for signs of vCJD. From over a thousand children suffering from PIND ‘progressive intellectual and neurological deterioration’ 92 of those children died who were never officially categorised by any medical expert from the UK department of health. The onset of their illness and progression was never given any diagnosis.

These young children’s distressing symptoms mirrored the final stages of the human form of BSE.

Has the original disease of vCJD mutated into other strains in some individuals?

How many children have really died and been affected by the human form of BSE?

There are now several strains of BSE in cattle as the disease appears to have mutated over the years.

Millions of us in the UK were exposed to BSE which means in the next decades all sorts of strains of vCJD could manifest itself within the population.

Have the unprecented cases of dementia and other neurological diseases been a smoke screen for vCJD?

When a person becomes infected with vCJD the rogue prions that cause the disease travel up the spinal cord to the brain, suffocating and replicating until all normal brain cells are killed. It would appear inoculating these primates with vCJD contaminated blood products has shown the disease has changed into another strain of disease but was directly caused by the human form of BSE.

I am in contact with many people who suffer the most terrible symptoms unable to walk, talk, move about, work or have any semblance of normal life.

Many of these very poorly individuals have been in close contact with people who have died of vCJD and are convinced they are suffering from some sort of strain of the human form of BSE.

Despite rigorous testing for every disease their consultants have drawn a blank, and these patients continue to suffer a variety of distressing symptoms bed ridden or needing wheelchairs, they are unable to work ever again. . Are we already seeing the beginning of another wave of victims of vCJD? This would include children and older people who have been infected with different strains of the disease whose symptoms present in a different pattern like the primates in the experiments? Is this something the UK Department of Health have been aware of for some time and that’s why they decided to re-brand vCJD and all forms of CJD under the term ‘prion disease’?

A new neurological disease in primates inoculated with prion-infected blood or blood components

Emmanuel Comoy,1 Nina Jaffré,1 Jacqueline Mikol,1 Valérie Durand,1 Christelle Jas-Duval,2 Sophie Luccantoni-Freire,1 Evelyne Correia,1 Vincent Lebon,1 Justine Cheval,3 Isabelle Quadrio,4 Nathalie Lescoutra-Etchegaray,5 Nathalie Streichenberger,4 Stéphane Haïk,6 Chryslain Sumian,5 Armand Perret-Liaudet,4 Marc Eloit,7 Philippe Hantraye,1 Paul Brown,1 Jean-Philippe Deslys1 1Atomic Energy Commission ; Fontenay-aux-Roses, France ; 2Etablissement Français du Sang; Lille, France; 3Pathoquest; Paris, France; 4Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon, France; 5MacoPharma; Tourcoing, France; 6INSER M; Paris, France; 7Institut Pasteur; Paris, France.

Background. Concerns about the blood-borne risk of prion infection have been confirmed by the occurrence in the UK of four transfusion-related infections of vCJD (variant Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease), and an apparently silent infection in an hemophiliac patient. Asymptomatic incubation periods in prion diseases can extend over decades in humans, and a typical disease may or may not supervene. We present here unexpected results of independent experiments to evaluate blood transmission risk in a validated non-human primate model of prion disease.

Methods. Cynomolgus macaques were inoculated with brain or blood specimens from vCJD infected humans and vCJD or BSE-infected monkeys. Neuropathological and biochemical findings were obtained using current methods used for human patients.

Findings. Thirteen out of 20 primates exposed to human or macaque blood-derived components or potentially contaminated human plasma-derived Factor VIII exhibited an original neurological disease (myelopathy) previously not described either in humans or primates, and which is devoid of the classical clinical and lesional features of prion disease (front leg paresis in the absence of central involvement, lesions concentrated in anterior horns of lower cervical cord, with no spongiosis or inflammation), while the 12 brain-inoculated donor animals and one transfused animal exhibited the classical vCJD pattern. No abnormal prion protein (PrPres) was detected by standard tests in use for human prion diagnosis, but higher amounts of protease-sensitive PrP were detected in cervical cords than in controls. No alternative cause has been found in an exhaustive search for metabolic, endocrine, toxic, nutritional, vascular and infectious etiologies, including a search for pathogen genotypes (‘deep sequencing’). Moreover, all the three animals transfused with blood treated with a prion removal filter remain asymptomatic with a one-third longer incubation period than the two animals transfused before filtration, which both developed the atypical syndrome presented here.

Interpretation. We describe a new neurological syndrome in monkeys exposed to various prion-infected inocula, including a potentially infected batch of plasma-derived Factor VIII. Our experimental observations in the absence of evident alternative etiology is highly suggestive of a prion origin for this myelopathy, that might be compared under some aspects to certain forms of human lower motor neuron diseases. Similar human infections, were they to occur, would not be identified as a prion disease by current diagnostic investigations.

Sunday 3rd June 2012

Bradley fundraising

Here is a photo of a young guy in his twenties called Bradley who walked from London to Brighton over the weekend of May 19th raising money for charity.

Bradley a brain tumour sufferer who is now in remission has also been exposed to CJD via contaminated surgical instruments. Despite all of these challenges Bradley remains upbeat and determined to live life to the full.

With Bradley’s permission I have included him on my blog as he represents many thousands of people across the world exposed to CJD due to contaminated blood, cells, medicines or surgical equipment. Bradley is just one of over 30 people at a UK hospital who were all exposed to CJD after having operations in the same hospital theatre.

Bradley and all ‘living victims’ would not have been exposed to the deadly disease if the UK government had not dragged its feet, blocked and delayed blood screening tests.

All blood donors and patients should be automatically screened for CJD, we have the technology but cronies in Westminster continue to safe-guard the backs of those responsible for BSE, meanwhile putting more and more UK citizens and our global community at risk.

Well done Bradley for completing your charity walk and for smiling despite your difficulties, we all wish you a long and happy life.