Dec-Nov 2008

Wednesday 24th December 2008

Below are the list of culprits whose deliberate measured decisions, lies and cover-ups over many years during the 1980s and 1990s led to my son Andrews horrific but avoidable death due to vCJD.

Andrew At School aprox 7

My son Andrews life was taken his future wrecked because of these men and women’s greed and their total disregard for the lives and well-being of the British public. When they declared ‘British beef is safe’ they were lying, the men and women named and shamed below put their careers, livelihoods, political and economic policy before my beloved boys life and future. They also endangered every member of the British public over the age of 11.
andrew new york
When they sit down with their complete families this Christmas do they ever think about the young men and women who were unable to walk, talk or even feed themselves due to their immoral acts and decisions? The young men and women who would have their lives taken from them horrifically and cruelly due to the avoidable and preventable vCJD. The leathal vCJD has not gone away and will continue to kill for decades this is the deadly legacy that the culprits have left the UK population.

My son paid the ultimate price of those cover-ups and lies, fifty to sixty years of life and love with his family….these men and women below should at the very least loose their reputations, status and their freedom.


John Major
Margaret Thatcher
John Gummer
Ray Bradley
William Rees
Donald Acheson
John Macgregor
Keith Meldrum
Kenneth Clarke
Kenneth Calman
Douglas Hogg
Stephen Dorrell
Richard Packer
Elizabeth Attridge
Dr Jeremy Matters
Richard Carden
Alan Lawrence
Roberts Lowson
Gerald Wells
Sir Derek Andrews
Dr Alisa Wight
Angela Browning
Thomas Eddy
M H Baker
Dr Bernard Williams
Dr Robert Kendall
Dr Richard Kimberlin
Ron Jacobs
Dr Gerald Jones
Dr Hilary Pickles

Tuesday 23rd December 2008


Below is the Newsnight link to my appearance on the BBC 2 programme on 17th December. During the broadcast Newsnight revealed that ‘THE FIRST VICTIM OF vCJD FROM ANOTHER GENOTYPE, MV HAS BEEN CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED’.
This story was only broadcast after much heated discussion behind the scenes. Right up till a few hours before broadcast, Government experts and scientists were denying the existence of this latest young victim struggling with vCJD who also happens to be the first victim from the most common genotype in the UK MV.

I have met the family of this latest victim and spent many hours in their company and talking to the young person concerned. The family were left in no doubt of the diagnosis and wanted me to be their spokesperson, they like all families of victims feel angry and want to know who is responsible.
Top experts were denying this case until I threatened to break the story outside number Ten Downing street on 18th December during the delivery of my petition to Gordon Brown. SEAC therefore had to make a statement via Professor Higgins during Newsnight. Government experts were also asked to appear on Newsnight to give their account but were not available to face the camera except Professor Higgins and Professor Pennington.

The latest victim of vCJD from the most common genotype heralds further deaths at least another 300 plus and there could be many more. One death through vCJD is one too many especially as vCJD is an acquired and preventable disease. None of these victims past, present or unfortunately those to come in the future need have died.

Those immoral men and women named and shamed on this website will have hundreds more victims to add to the list of the people they have already killed through their lies, cover-up and greed.

Its time for public responsibility and legal accountability…..

Monday 22nd December 2008

baby andrew

The BBC1 documentary I helped to produce and film about Andrews last days and my fight for justice is now on youtube, also an edited version of my statement outside number ten downing street 18th December 2008 is also on youtube (use the link below):

Thursday 18th December 2008 

Here is a photo taken at Number Ten Downing Street as I hand in the petition to Gordon Brown. Supporting the campaign for ‘justice for andy’ is Portsmouth MP Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock.


Below is a video link with an edited statement I gave to the awaiting press:

Thursday 18th December 2008

A year since my Andrew died ……

Here is the press release that was published last week across the media regarding my trip to Number Ten Downing Street on 18th December at 12 lunchtime to coincide with the first anniversary of Andrews death. I have asked the Prime Minister to release documents for public scrutiny which will compliment and support the evidence I have already gathered.



(photos Andrew/Christine holiday New York/Andrew two days before death) 

Grieving mum calls for action on vCJD

Christine Lord will be petitioning the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street today (Dec 18th 2008) on the anniversary of her son’s death from Variant CJD. Andy Black was 24 when he died in December 2007, six months after being diagnosed with the human form of BSE. Her research since then has raised serious questions about the Conservative government’s handling of the BSE crisis, and has highlighted the need for action to prevent further deaths from infected blood donors. Christine will be asking the Prime Minister if we are seeing the beginning of a new wave of vCJD with the first confirmed victim of the more common genotype and another estimated 300 plus deaths. Christine will read the following statement at Downing Street, after handing in a letter petitioning the Prime Minister’s support. The statement and letter follow below.

STATEMENT OUTSIDE NUMBER 10 Downing Street. 18th December 2008 12:00

Ms Christine Lord from Southsea, with Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock.

Andrew & Christine in Central Park
Andrew & Christine in Central Park, New York

“I want justice for my son Andrew. To do that I need answers and I’ve asked the Prime Minister for his help in getting them

“Why were civil servants at MAFF allowed to rehearse witnesses before they appeared at the Phillips Inquiry, and why did officials with-hold documents which showed the Conservative government knew about the danger BSE posed to human health?

I want to know why a leading government agency stopped feeding British beef to our top scientists at a time when Conservative ministers were telling us there was no danger?

“Why was the national bank for human spinal fluid raided? Why were the samples confiscated, and why were laboratory staff threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act if they spoke out?

“Are we seeing the beginning of a new wave of vCJD cases after the first confirmed victim of the more common genotype and another estimated 300 deaths.” “I’ve also asked the Prime Minister to help stem a secondary, self-sustaining epidemic, which is being caused by infected blood by supporting tests for blood donors. I’ve also asked him to support research which will show just how many members of the general public are carrying vCJD without knowing it. Official estimates are 1 in every 1,000 people, but it could be much higher. vCJD hasn’t gone away. Young people are still dying of this avoidable and acquired disease. vCJD will continue to kill people for decades. My son needn’t have died.

A year ago it was my son Andrew, next year it could be you, or your son or daughter.”

The dead cannot cry out for justice – it is the duty of then living to do so for them.



Dear Mr. Brown,

I wrote to you about the life and death of only son Andrew Black who died of Variant CJD aged 24. He died almost exactly a year ago (December 16th 2007) I was very moved by your response to my letter, written as one bereaved parent to another, as well as in your capacity as Prime Minister. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for further support.

1) A senior official working inside MAFF throughout the BSE scandal has revealed, in recorded interviews, that significant evidence was with-held from the Phillips Inquiry. This includes documents and memos, which were circulating within MAFF and between government departments, which warned of the danger BSE posed to human health, at a time when Conservative ministers were assuring the public the British beef was safe to eat. Would the Prime Minister support the publication of these documents?

2) Officials and scientists have expressed grave concern to me about the Phillips Inquiry itself, saying that testimony was vetted, witnesses were rehearsed and that the process ‘stage-managed’ in order to exonerate the Conservative government’s handling of the BSE crisis, and their failure to protect public health. Does the Prime Minister share these concerns, and would he advise his own ministers not to allow the existence of the Phillips Report to stifle future research, investigation and debate into the issue, especially as young people continue to die of vCJD

3) I’d like you to find out why the National Environmental Research Council stopped feeding British beef (and beef products) to the country’s top scientists at a time when the Conservative government was telling the general public that it posed no risk to human health. British beef was removed from NERC research vessels in the 1980s, while MRM from BSE-infected cattle was being used to bulk up school dinners.

4) Will the Prime Minister find out why the national bank of human spinal fluid was seized from its UK laboratory and forwarded to the Central Veterinary Laboratory? Will he also find out why the lab staff were forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before being threatened with prosecution if they spoke about the raid?


5) Are we seeing the beginning of a new wave of vCJD with at least another estimated 300 deaths now there has been a confirmed victim of vCJD from the most common genotype in the UK?

6) On October 21st 2008 the independent watchdog SABTO (Safety of Blood Tissue and Organs) warned of the significant risk posed to the public by a self-sustaining secondary epidemic of vCJD through blood transfusion. It said the key to determining the scale of the problem was to identify how many members of the public are carrying vCJD without knowing it. It also said the vCJD testing programmes under development may be 99 per cent effective.

Will the Prime Minister support the screening of people for vCJD before they donate blood or tissue? 18 blood donors have already died of vCJD after giving blood, and we have no way of knowing how many active blood donors are carrying vCJD now.

Will the Prime Minister support wider testing to determine the prevalence of vCJD to find out how many people in the UK are carrying the infection without knowing it? Professor John Collinge at the Prion Unit at University College London estimates this to be 1 in every 1,000.

At present family members of those who died of vCJD are refused the right to be tested to see if they are also carrying the infection. Would the Prime Minister explain the reason behind this policy, and support their right to be tested if they wish?

Yours sincerely,

Christine Lord

 Tuesday 16th December 2008

On this day last year 16th December 2007 I held my Andrew as he took his last breath… just 24 years old……he died at 9:25pm…..

I cuddled him close as my beloved boy took his last gasp …… his life and future stolen by the preventable UK man made manufactured  disease …… vCJD……..

Saturday 13th December 2008


This time last year my beloved Andrew had become blind, deaf, quadriplegic, unable talk or recognise his family. He was no longer able to swallow so had not eaten for 15 days…..

My beautiful boys heart was young and strong and refused to give in……I held his frail body as his frame shook the bed with the effort of him trying to suck air into his collapsing lungs…..

Andrews rattling, dying breathes filled every corner of what was once my bedroom…….my 24 year old only son took four days and night to die….

This is the reality……….this is what its like when a young person dies of vCJD……………

Monday 8th December 2008

Check out the link below a report from S Sloggem to Dr J Purves this document was from the Medicines Control Agency- Biological Division (sent November 3rd 1995) regarding CJD plasma derived blood products.

The document highlights the large stock of prepared and processed vaccines already in production, produced and being stored or used in clinics, hospitals and other institutions, and their potential risk of being contaminated with vCJD.

The report states ‘the recall of vaccines may not only affect unused bulks which could represent many thousands or millions of doses’ going on to say that if a recall took place it: ‘clearly would be a major news item’.

This report looks at the potential hazards that blood donors who go on to die of vCJD pose to blood and plasma products and also the difficulty that the MCA would face if they tried to recall or stop suspected contaminated vaccines still being used. It states ”MCA may not in practice be able to stop the plasma compounds or vaccine manufacturers from withdrawing the affected products“.

In other words vaccines that may be lethal with infectious vCJD …would not be able to be recalled…… were these the same vaccines ..that my son had during his growing years?

Tuesday 2nd December 2008

Here is the photo taken of me with members of the Korean parliament during my recent trip to South Korea. From the left is MP Young-jin Kim of the Democratic party who said to me ‘People across the globe should be able to listen to your testimony. We will support you with our other MPs by petitioning the Secretary General of the UN South Korean Ban Ki-Moon asking him to invite you to speak to the UN and tell them you and Andrews story’


Next to me in traditional dress is a very well known figure in Korean politics MP Ki-kap Kang from the Democratic Labour Party, he also represents farmers across Korea. Ki-kap Kang said to me ‘I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of your only son Andrew’. During our hour long talk I presented the assembled MP’s, the BBC1 documentary of Andrew and the evidence I have gathered regarding the lies and cover-ups that led to Andrews avoidable death.

This is part of the statement I presented to members of the Korean Assembly. ‘VCJD has not gone away and is a global issue. As we go into 2009 every family across the world should be able to make informed choices about the food they eat. Economic Policy should never risk human health. BSE was and is a UK man made manufactured disease brought about by the greed, lies and secrecy of the UK government during the 1980s and 1990s. Andrews death and VCJD was totally preventable but the UK beef industry profits were paramount, my only son paid the ultimate price at least fifty years of life and love with his family’.

Also in the photo to the far right is MP Jung-sook Kwak of the Democratic Labour Party. All of these MP’s are involved with the Korean agriculture and fishing industry.

Monday 1st December 2008

On Saturday 22nd November I began my first talks and lectures here in the UK. I like to thank all the people who attended particularly the parents of Richard, Kate and Mark who lost their sons and daughter through vCJD. For me it was heartbreaking to hear their stories about their childs death due to vCJD it also highlighted to the assembled audience the fact that vCJD is an ongoing threat to all our lives and still kills young people on a regular basis and will unfortunately continue to do so for many decades.

Here is a photo of Kate Richer who was a music graduate at Glasgow University she died of vCJD in her early twenties.

My next talk will take place at Andrews old sixth form college, South Downs College in Purbrook as part of their cross debating society. It will be difficult talking to young men and women who so remind me of my son and the future that was taken from him so cruelly. However young people across the globe have been a wonderful support and inspiration regarding the campaign. I know that Andrew would have been amazed that so many of his peers care and are proactive in helping the campaign and my continued fight for justice. So thanks to all the young people who regularly log on, offer support, advice and information and even have a chat I have found during these dark days that here are an awful lot of good people in the world!

Sunday 30th November 2008

Below is an extract from a lovely note I received from Miso…during my visit to Korea.

Dear Christine,

Thank you for coming to Korea and being together with us. I really impressed by you and learned many things from you. When you feel sad and sorrow please remind yourself of your friends who are supporting you and fighting for justice. I will also fight for Andy and fight for our better society. Ill pray god always bless you and your family…bye Miso

My trips across the world such as Korea and throughout the UK since I started the campaign has shown me again and again, the kindness and concern of ordinary people, It has also shown me what I already knew that as one global family all that really matters is the health, safety and love of our families and friends. The photo alongside this blog was taken outside an organic bakery in Seoul, where the staff recognised me from the MBC documentary, they called me ‘fightin mom’.

Saturday 29th November 2008 (additional blog)

Below is a link to youtube in which Minister of Agriculture John Gummer is pretending to feed his daughter Cordelia a burger at the height of the BSE scandal. If you look closely you can see Cordelia does not eat the burger, also John Gummer was well aware that the burger he offered his daughter was safe.

Andrew aged 3I have confronted John Gummer once at his constituency offices in Woodbridge Suffolk and in a 35 minute interview for BBC1 at his luxurious offices in central London. His manner was disrespectful, condescending and also contained an arrogance that he had ‘got away with it’.

He warned me to be ‘careful what I said about him’ …..and the word ‘libel’ was mentioned. I would welcome my day in court with Gummer and all those named and shamed on this website.

After our confrontations, I wept as Andrews mum not only for the avoidable loss of my sons life but that Gummer and his cronies cared so little about such a wonderful young man….and also felt safe enough to be so arrogant about my sons immeasurable and avoidable loss.

Friday 28th November 2008

Check out the documents page on this website to read a memo sent to all schools across the UK at the same time as the Government told the world that BSE had caused citizens to die of vCJD. The memo sent to school kitchens and heads declared that BSE was not a risk to the ‘young, elderly hospital patients or pregnant women’. The memo was sent in March/April 1996 by MAFF the ministry of agriculture.

Friday 28th November 2008 (additional blog)

The role that vaccines play in the development of vCJD is one that most scientists I have talked to are very reluctant to venture an opinion in front of the camera.
However off camera and privately some believe that vCJD in young people could be sourced back to their childhood and infant vaccines. One distinguished Microbiologist and world expert said to me ‘ it has been proved that vCJD can be transmitted by blood so its highly likely that some of the young victims of vCJD may well have acquired their infection via childhood vaccines’.

andrew birthday
Below are the vaccines that used bovine material from cattle herds whose BSE status is unknown. Many cows were asymptomatic (no symptoms at slaughter and examination) However as I know from bitter experience my son Andrew was symptom free for many years. until the infection entered his brain.

Below are the immunisations which were produced from cattle during the BSE epidemic. As you can see huge supplies of vaccines were made with many years shelf life. Many of these dangerous vaccines were left in clinics, hospital department cupboards, and GP surgeries to be used if and when needed….

It is known that many of the immunisations below were given to millions of children during the height of BSE infectivity. Including my son Andrew……

* Rubella, the bulk of this vaccine was made before 1979 from foetal calf serum from UK and New Zealand ( 15 years supply of stock) This vaccine would have been used for many years after 1979 at baby clinics and schools in the UK. with a shelf life until 1994.

* Diphtheria UK bovine beef muscle and ox heart was used until 1988, then the cattle was sourced from Eire.

* Tetanus bovine material from UK mainly Scottish herds. (21,000 litres of stock).

* Pertussis used bovine material from UK ( at times over 63,000 litres of stock hoarded).

* Measles vaccine used bovine serum sourced from the UK.

The companies who made these vaccines told the UK government that to switch to a non bovine source would take a minimum of five years, as batches of vaccines lasting many years were already supplied to hospitals, schools and clinics. So once again finances dictated the safety of the UK’s children’s lives and futures… son and other victims of vCJD have paid the ultimate price of those shareholders profits and the governments greed. Oral polio contained foetal calf serum from UK and New Zealand herds (up till 1988) (large stocks held).

As late as 2000 the safety of children’s vaccines were still under the microscope.

The Independent (09/10/00)
‘a polio vaccine that has been given to millions of children and adults was withdrawn by the Government amid fears it could be contaminated by mad cows disease. Guidelines in 1989 banned the use of bovine material in medicinal products but despite repeat reassurance from Medeva the maker the Department of Health found it was in breach of the guidelines’

Thursday 27th November 2008

Below is just one of the thousands of emails I have received and continue to receive every day. Letters, texts, phone calls, emails of support and even people approaching me in the street in the UK and abroad have all been positive and supportive…thank you all so much ….with people power I know I will get justice for Andy. With this blog is another newspaper account of my fight for the truth and my relentless pursuit of the guilty.

Dear Christine,

I have been reading your site. I have always been aware of some sort of cover up but my eyes are truly opened now. I am 24 and I have been living in Hampshire, but I am Scottish, ironically my mum is also called Christine, and my best friend is called Andrew too. I am a medical person and this is why I’ve moved down here. Just reading the story about your son saddens me deeply, I’m angered that so many people in absolute power failed to do their duty. I have nothing really else to say, except you have the support of millions in your campaign.

God bless, Steve


Sunday 23rd November 2008

Here is the link to the SaBTO 1st Public meeting summary – 21st October 2008

included in the minutes of the meeting was my statement about Andrew, see below:Ms Christine Lord is the mother of Andrew Black who died of vCJD in 2007 aged 24,, she made the following points:1. Those making the decisions around the management of vCJD should be supervised by independent sources that are not government funded or backed.2. The terrible risk and legacy of vCJD that the UK population now face should lay clearly at the door of those who Ms Lord considers responsible for her sons death. Ms Lord believes that is those Ministers and Officials in the 1980s and 1990s had not put profit before lives vCJD would have never existed and SaBTO would not be faced with the terrible dilemmas it now has to wrestle with.3. Testing (of blood) should be made available as soon as it is developed. Ms Lord believes that it may not be in the Governments bet interest to make such a test available. The doubts about prevalence mean that the likely number of positives is not known, ministers may be reluctant to allow the wider public to be made aware of the true prevalence of vCJD in the population, particularly if the
situation was worse than is currently forecast.4. Testing for vCJD should be a personal choice allowing people to live their lives accordingly. Ms Lord believes that officials in the 1980s and 1990s played god with the UK populations lives resulting in vCJD and too many innocent people dying needlessly and she is mindful that government very well be playing god again by refusing the UK population to test or not.5. As a mother who has lost here son to vCJD Ms Lord would take a test tomorrow and would like the opportunity to do this in the near future.6. The devastation vCJD has wrecked on families, careers and futures and relationships cannot be described in mere words. As a bereaved mother, a qualified journalist and psychological counsellor, Ms Lord is acutely aware of the huge impact and life scarring event that nursing a child through the most horrific disease has had on hundreds of family members and thousands of colleagues and friends
Saturday 22nd November 2008
During my visit to Korea to promote the MBC documentary ‘my lost boy’ about Andrews last days and my fight for justice. I was overwhelmed by the warmth and concern of the Korean people. As I walked through Seoul, took the subway, bus and went shopping members of the public would come up to me and cry for Andrew my loss. Here is a photo with me and supporters of the justice for andy campaign.Korean_BakeryThey called me ‘ FIGHTIN MUM’ and promised they would support my quest for the truth. I met many lovely people during my tour of lectures including members of the school dinners network, teachers association, farmers, women’s peasant movement, MPs . lawyers, students, academics, scientists all without exception wanted to know the facts and reasons why vCJD exited and why BSE material was allowed unhindered into the UK’s human food chain for over a decade during the 1980s and 1990s.I was invited to meet with members of the Korean Assembly below is a shortened version of our conference. The ministers were so kind and caring about Andrew and my loss and were interested to hear about the irrefutable facts that led to his avoidable death.Christine told the assembled ministers about Andrew vCJD and the economic policy in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s which put the beef industry before the UK Public lives. She also presents Ktag Kang with footage of Andrews last days and evidence of the UK governments lies and covers up. Christine gave the assembled MPs a shortened version of her talk stating ‘vCJD has not gone away and is a global issue. In 2008 and 2009 every family across the world should be able to make informed choices about the food they eat. Economic policy should never risk human health. BSE was and is a UK .man made manufactured disease brought about by the greed, lies and secrecy of the UK government during the 1980s and 1990s. Andrews’s death and vCJD was totally preventable but the UK beef industry profits were paramount, my only son paid the ultimate price fifty years of life and love with his family.Kim Young Jin democratic party said ‘PEOPLE ACROSS THE GLOBE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO YOUR TESTIMONY…WE WILL SUPPORT YOU WITH OUR OTHER MPS BY PETITIONING THE SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UN SOUTH KOREAN BAN KI-MOON ASKING HIM TO INVITE YOU TO SPEAK TO THE UN AND TELL THE DELEGATES ABOUT YOU AND ANDREWS STORY.’Friday 14th November. Photo of Christine with organisers of her visit to Korea . Whilst I was peacefully demonstrating in Cheoung Gye Square Seoul talking about the UK government lies and cover-ups that led to Andrews avoidable death naming and shaming those on this website; I was faced with over 100 riot police and security officials monitoring my every word and gesture. I remain focused and totally unafraid as I have the truth and love on my side. 081114103309914&p=imbc

Wednesday 19th November 2008

Friday 14th November.  . Whilst I was peacefully demonstrating in Cheoung Gye Square Seoul talking about the UK government lies and cover-ups that led to Andrews avoidable death naming and shaming those on this website; I was faced with over 100 riot police and security officials monitoring my every word and gesture.


I remain focused and totally unafraid as I have the truth and love on my side. Click on the link below to watch the MBC documentary My Lost Boy about Andrew and my campaign for justice in the UK and internationally. Here is a photo of me and my interpretor Sean outside the Korean Parliament. 081114103309914&p=imbc

Monday 17th November 2008

I am back from Korea, tired but happy to have met so many wonderful people committed to making their country and the world a better and safer place.

I will be writing about my visit in detail in the next week, or so. At the moment all I need to do is sleep ….this is a photo of some of the students and their families who came along to my lecture at Busan OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUniversity in Korea on Friday November 14th.

Saturday 15th November 2008

Today in Fairmont USA hundreds of people who have lost loved ones due to CJD will take a walk through beautiful countryside to remember their family members.

Nikki and Edd from have arranged a walk and balloon release to support family and friends who have had to watch and nurse their loved ones die from CJD.

A balloon in Andrews name will be released in Fairmont and the photo of him alongside this blog will be posted with his details on a memoriam board so everyone who attends the walk can remember him in their prayers.
CJD voice is a network of family, friends across the USA and globally who exchange support, information advice about CJD its latest research and news. I have had so many good wishes from its members, support and information.

The rise of sporadic CJD (naturally occurring form of the disease) has risen tremendously here in the UK and USA. Many families across the US are sure that environmental factors such as BSE infected material in the food chain has contributed to their loved ones dying of sporadic CJD. Many of these new victims of sCJD are significantly younger in age and correlate with the emergence of BSE in the UK and export of UK beef products to the USA.


Also MBM the UK animal feed which contained brain material from BSE infected cattle was exported to the USA to feed their farm animals.
I believe the lethal UK pathogen BSE is claiming victims globally as well as in the UK. Professor Collinge told me that ‘ the next wave and genotype of vCJD victims will present differently to the people we have seen die of vCJD. so far. I believe the next wave of victims dying of vCJD may very well present like classic or sporadic CJD’.

Here in the UK many deaths due to sporadic or classic CJD have had question marks over diagnosis with some pathologists stating probably CJD? This blurring of diagnosis is very useful for statistics here in the UK as these diagnosis are in a grey area not often explored or investigated.
Many families whose loved one has died of probable sporadic CJD have come forward to me with their experiences and doubts, I am investigating these at the moment. Many of these victims have had direct contact with the catering industry or have worked in school or institutional kitchens. I keep you posted.

Saturday 8th November 2008 (additional blog)

Below is just two of the many emails that I have received from Korea across Asia and the world since the broadcast of the MBC special ‘my lost boy’ about Andrews last days and my fight for justice here in the UK.
The response from the Korean people has been huge. Their comments and thoughts about the UK governments lies and cover-up and the men and women named on this site are passionate, supportive and genuine. I believe that every parent globally has the right to know what is in their children’s food and what they are feeding their families. I never had that informed choice during the 1980s and 1990s here in the UK and because of the secrecy and lies around BSE perpetuated by the ministers and officials named and shamed on this website my Andrew died of vCJD. I am hoping by getting justice for Andrew and all victims past present and future of vCJD that it will prevent other tragedy’s like vCJD happening ever again. Meanwhile I remain focused on the culprits here in the UK and am building a dossier of damning evidence.

  • Dear Christine,
    My family and I are from Korea, and we immigrated to New Zealand. Everyone in our family just saw the documentary of Andy, and we are heartbroken to hear your story. I wish for you to never lose your courage, to never lose hope in finding justice for your son. If you ever need support for your campaign in New Zealand we will do anything to help you.  Susan (NZ)

To Ms Black,Hi. I’m Mr. Choi from South Korea. I just watched your story about your son who passed away last year on TV and I feel sorry for that…As being in Korea…I don’t have anything helpful for you, but I’d like to tell you ‘I am with u and support your ground against the British authorities.’Take care for your health and please keep in mind that there are many upholders of you in Korea… Yours faithfully, In-Mok Choi

Friday 7th November 2008

In December 1987 Lord Montagu of Beaulieu wrote to the Minister of Agriculture John MacGregor.

Lord Montagu was concerned and rightly worried over the threat BSE posed to human health if diseased cattle went into the food chain. Lord Montagu a land owner was so concerned over the way the government was handling and suppressing the threat to human health he wrote in his letter to MacGregor.

‘There is nothing which prevents veterinary officers from certifying the carcass of an animal infected with this disease (BSE) as fit for human consumption. I understand little research has been done on whether this disease can be transmitted to humans through the consumption of beef from infected animals. Until this is known it seems quite wrong to sell infected carcasses for this purpose’.


Lord Montagu was right on all counts BSE posed a threat to human health it was striking that his sensible and obvious account of the situation was ignored and blocked by MAFF as inconsequential and of little relevance. I have spoken to vets who worked on the land during BSE and their eye witness accounts are staggering one vet told me ‘There was just a cursory look from the Government Vet at cattle that were obviously ill with BSE and they would be signed off as fit to go into the food chain’ he added ‘ looking back it was happening all the time we just went along with what the Government vet said’ Welsh Vet (2008).

Anyone with eyes in their head could see that diseased animals suffering from BSE staggering, salivating and trembling should not in any capacity be allowed near the human food chain. But in Whitehall there was money to be made and huge profits at stake in the beef and agriculture industry. These money making machines for the government, MAFF and shareholders had to be protected at all costs, which meant BSE was allowed unfettered for years into the food chain and to manifest itself into vCJD. My sons death and hundreds of others victims of vCJD was totally avoidable many many times over, many many years of opportunities to stop this deadly disease were deliberately ignored as political careers and finances were secured through looking the other way and lying.
As I approach the first anniversary of Andrews death I remain focused and clear and will honour my promise to Andrew as he lay dying ‘ find out who did this to me mum and expose them’.

My sons life and death was decided by the culprits named on this website they hold the smoking gun that killed my Andrew and they will be held accountable for those deliberate actions and decisions.

The Government and MAFF from the earliest days of BSE had research which showed the devastation that BSE could wreck on human health. This research some funded by MAFF itself was kept secret and covered up. The scientists involved in this research have told me that they were so shocked at what they found in the 1980s that they changed their eating habits many becoming vegetarians. These Scientists also told me ‘what the government and MAFF were telling the British Public ie ‘that British beef was safe to eat’ was far removed from what we were finding out during our research.

Not only did infected BSE cattle continue in the food chain for years, even cows that were later culled and were definitely sub clinical ( not showing any symptoms) went into the food chain. Its estimated that everyone over 11 in the UK has eaten at least 50 BSE infected meals.

Tuesday 4th November 2008

In an article entitled ‘Britain sells nvCJD blood to 11 countries’ in the Guardian on 5th February 2001, stated that:

‘Blood products donated by three people who were later struck down with the human form of BSE have been sold to 11 countries. Thousands of patients worldwide, and an unknown number of haemophiliacs in Britain, might have received treatments with the products between 1996 and last year. The risk of infection – which health department officials insist is only theoretical – has now been closed off by restricting blood sources to the US.’

With this blog is a photo of me and Peter Buckland who lost his only son Mark to vCJD in 2006 aged 32. Mark Buckland was killed by the human form of mad cow disease via a blood transfusion he received from a blood donor that went on to die of the disease. Blood donor also provide material for vaccines.


‘BPL had informed appropriate regulatory bodies abroad that nvCJD patients had donated blood. It had also written to wholesalers in each country and had confirmation they had told their relevant ministries. ‘We have tried our very best,’ said a spokesman.’


Ireland: Polio vaccine – 83,500 doses
Brazil: Albumin – 44,864 vials, immunoglobulin 80 vials
Dubai: Albumin – 2,400 vials
India: Albumin – 953 vials
Turkey: Ammunoglobulin – 840 vials
Brunei: Albumin – 400 vials
Egypt: Albumin – 144 vials
Morocco: Albumin – 100 vials
Oman: Immunoglobulin – 100 vials
Russia: Factor VIII – 23 vials
Singapore: Immunoglobulin – 3 vials

Monday 3rd November 2008

On Friday 31st October I had a two hour, one to one meeting with Professor John Collinge at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.
Professor Collinge is a world expert in CJD and had recently returned from a meeting in Madrid where the two spanish victims of vCJD were discussed. The mother and son had recently both died of vCJD in the Spanish area of Leon.
Professor Collinge told me that ‘ The son use to regularly visit his mother. The region where she lived a food speciality was eating cows brains.’ So whenever he came to see his mother they use to sit down together and eat fried cows brains. ‘ Professor Collinge continued ‘ eating BSE infected cows brains direct from a butcher meant they probably consumed high levels of rogue prions. There had been outbreaks of BSE in cattle in the area. The question for me is why did these two people  develop vCJD and not the dozens of other villagers who all ate the same dish on a regular basis? More questions than answers!  When will the public be told the truth?


After my meeting with Professor Collinge I went to the Chapel in the hospital where I use to sit whilst Andrew was a patient in one of the wards close by. I cried again as I remembered Andrew saying ‘ I want to be able to feed myself’ ‘and him so anxious and unsure of why he had become so ill and dependant so swiftly.

As I left the chapel and walked to my next meeting all I could see was my young son so ill and scared looking up at me from his hospital bed pleading with me ‘ I want to go home and everything be as it was’………….