Sept 2009

Andrew and friend Jiggy Summer 2007Tuesday 29th September 2009

In an article in the October-December 2000 Edition of “Food Magazine” by Joanna Wheatley, an organic beef farmer, the following is written in relation to abattoirs being an unregulated source of material for veterinary and human medicines:

“The Department of Health was concerned that bovine blood serum was being used in routine vaccinations. They decided the risk might be present but low compared to the apparent benefit of the vaccination programmes. They also appeared concerned that, if they admitted to a risk, there might be a large public reaction against all vaccines.”

“But only from July 2000 must pharmaceutical companies obtain their supplies from elsewhere in the world. And only from March 2001 did this apply for veterinary medicines.”

Thursday 24th September 2009

Amorfix the Canadian company who have developed a blood screening test for vCJD, have now tested 30,000 blood donors at a Transfusion Centre in France they announced:

‘These results should give governments confidence that very few blood donors will be falsely identified as potentially having vCJD during routine blood testing’. The screening test has achieved 100 percent specificity (no reproducible false positive results).

 andrew drink

So why is this test not available to screen donated blood here in the UK? And why is Amorfix being denied access to blood samples from vCJD Victims? . I gave my permission for my Andrews blood samples to be used by the Department of Health to help with treatments cures and research, yet my Andrews samples without my permission are being withheld and not being given to Amorfix. The government and its officials are playing god with not only the British public’s health but also controlling and keeping my Andrews blood samples back for their own agendas, I thoroughly disapprove of this and my poor Andrew would be very angry too.

Amorfix Press Release continues ‘The test continues to demonstrate its readiness for use by high-risk nations to conduct prevalence studies to assess the safety of their blood supply’ (see complete press release below)

The continued delays and blocking of this essential test will mean that people could die needlessly through blood contaminated with vCJD. The UK government have it within their power to start this screening test asap and save more families from suffering the heartbreak of loosing a loved one to vCJD.

Once again political agendas and cover-ups are paramount and the British population’s health and well being a very poor third…….

Press Release – TSX: AMF
September 21, 2009


— 30,000 Donations Tested to Date —

TORONTO, ON, September 21, 2009 – Amorfix Life Sciences, a company focused on treatments and diagnostics for brain wasting diseases, today announced it has achieved 100% specificity (no reproducible false positive results) upon testing 10,000 blood donations for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (“vCJD”). with the EP-vCJD™ Blood Screening Assay at l’Etablissement Français du Sang de Pyrénées Méditerrannée (“EFS PM”) in Montpellier, France.

“France continues to take a leading role in assessing the feasibility of testing routine blood donations for vCJD. The study in Montpellier included testing of fresh blood within 24 hours of collection and processing of the plasma with an automated sample handling system. This is the exact process that would be used in routine blood testing” said Dr. George Adams, Chief Executive Officer of Amorfix. “These results should give governments confidence that very few blood donors will be falsely identified as potentially having vCJD during routine blood screening.”

The blood samples were collected and tested as part of a large-scale study being conducted to demonstrate the feasibility of routine testing of blood donations for vCJD. Using the settings for maximum sensitivity of 1:1,000,000 dilution of vCJD brain, as verified by testing at the NIBSC in the UK, the test in EFS-PM was 100% specific. The test continues to demonstrate its readiness for use by high-risk nations to conduct prevalence studies to assess the safety of their blood supply.

Including these 10,000 blood samples collected and tested at EFS PM, a total of 30,000 blood donations have now been tested at two sites in France. 99.90% specificity was previously reported for 20,000 samples tested at EFS-Alsace in Strasbourg. In both blood transfusion centers using two lots of kits, the EP vCJD™ test performed better than the 99.85% specificity required by the UK Blood Transfusion Service.

About vCJD

vCJD is rare and fatal human form of a family of diseases known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (“TSE”) diseases caused by prions. Other TSEs are bovine spongiform encephalopathy (“BSE”) in cattle, scrapie in sheep and goats, and chronic wasting disease in deer, elk and moose. Since 1996, a few hundred people living in or visiting Great Britain and other European countries have been diagnosed with vCJD due to the consumption of BSE-infected meat. People can incubate prion disease for 30 to 50 years and could be capable of transmitting it to others throughout that time. Indeed, it is estimated that more than 20,000 people are currently incubating the disease. Recently, five people have been infected through blood transfusions and thousands of people have received blood fractions made from vCJD-infected plasma. There is a general concern that vCJD is now within the blood transfusion systems and, as a result, a screening assay for blood is urgently required.

Billy H with poster thatcher and blood

About the EP-vCJD™ Blood Screening Assay

Approximately 81 million units of blood are collected annually and tested for infectious agents, such as HIV-1 and hepatitis viruses at a cost of more than US$4 billion. Until now, however, there has been no way of protecting the blood supply by testing for vCJD. Amorfix is changing that through the Company’s development of EP vCJD™ – a test for the presence of vCJD prions in human blood that allows for the selective detections of prions and not the precursor normal protein

About Amorfix

Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX:AMF) is a theranostics company developing therapeutic products and diagnostic devices targeting misfolded diseases including neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. It has specific programs in vCJD, ALS and Alzheimer’s Disease. Amorfix’s proprietary Epitope Protection™ (EP) technology enables it to specifically identify very low levels of aggregated misfolded proteins (AMP) in a sample containing normal protein. Aggregated misfolded proteins are a common element of many brain-wasting diseases, and more recent evidence points to misfolded proteins being created in many cancers. Amorfix has shown antibodies and vaccines to misfolded proteins are therapeutic in preclinical animal models. Amorfix’s lead programs are a diagnostic blood screening test for vCJD and a therapy for ALS.

For more information please contact:
Dr. George Adams
President & Chief Executive Officer
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.
Tel: (416) 847-6959
Fax: (416) 847-6899

Dr. Neil Cashman
Chief Scientific Officer, Director and Co-founder
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.
Tel: (604) 822-2135
Fax:(604) 822-7299

5th September 2009

In an article in the Salisbury Journal this week

Lisa Farrant (22) from Fordingbridge talks about her family’s fight with the Department of Health to have her late grandmother recognised as a victim of vCJD. Audrey Cook was first diagnosed as dying of Alzheimer’s but after the families insistence it was changed to CJD. The former school dinner lady handled MRM (mechanically recovered meat) and meat for many years in school kitchens. Her family remain convinced she died of vCJD and are still battling the authorities. Audrey Cook was also a blood donor.

How many elderly people have died of vCJD?

To ease and massage government statistics they are recorded as dementia or some other convenient disease? with this blog is photo of Andrew with my late mother Audrey, how many people in their sixties, seventies and beyond have died of Human BSE?

andrew nanny

The cover-up continues and with UK blood not screened for vCJD more lives will be lost needlessly in the coming years and decades. How many people are carrying the disease?

Kenneth Calman, the government’s Chief Medical officer (named and shamed on this website) admitted “If just one in 1000 cases proves positive, in a population of 50 million that would imply that 50,000 people are infected.” [Science 281 Sep 1998, pp. 1422)

If you would like to help the ‘Campaign for vCJD blood screening’ please contact me with any information/suggestions, your MP/MEP and voice your concerns. I don’t want another parent to suffer the heartbreak I do every minute of the day.

Professor Marc Turner at the first meeting of SABTO (Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs who advise the government) said ‘’The numbers at risk are clear’ (2.4 million people donate blood in the UK).adding that UK donated blood ‘Is a significant risk and concern to SABTO’.

Wednesday 16th September 2009

The role that vaccines, baby food, and school meals played in victims developing vCJD is discussed at length on this website. I would urge you to check out the link below and read the mounting evidence that continues to be uncovered regarding the unscrupulous and dangerous methods used to manufacture vaccines and how they are implicated in the development of vCJD. Photo of Andrew as a baby.

andrew baby

One world renowned scientist, who has dedicated her life to finding cures for a variety of neurological diseases, had been made to sign the official secrets act but bravely contacted me to discuss her concerns. Even talking to me about these issues during our recorded interview could mean imprisonment for this respected scientist. She was terrified this is part of what she told me:

‘The most effective way to transmit vCJD to a human being is intravenous. We know without doubt that people have died of vCJD through contaminated blood so its probable that some of the other victims of vCJD have been caused through contaminated vaccines’

The facts are clear, we know that many people have died of CJD through growth hormone injections and also thousands of UK haemophiliacs live with the ‘ticking health time bomb’ that the Factor 8 and 9 blood products given to them throughout childhood were sourced from vCJD donors, These UK haemophiliacs live daily with the fact that at any time they could go on to develop ‘vCJD’ because of the regular injections they where given as children. We also know that individuals have died of vCJD through infected blood transfusions as well as transplanted tissues.

Experts also tell me it’s extremely difficult to become infected with BSE material orally (by eating food) and the most effective route to become infected is via medicinal/ intravenous or surgical procedures.

Margaret Thatcher and her Ministers knew that the vaccines supplied by her government had a ‘risk’ of transferring vCJD to the babies, children and adults they were supposed to protect. Yet Thatcher and her very informed Ministers chose to continue with the vaccination programme throughout the 1980s and 1990s knowing these risks. The pharmaceutical industry was worth billions of pounds and children’s lives came a poor second to the money that was being made in the city of London and for those drugs companies global shareholders.

The same Ministers and officials who were allowing these ‘deadly vaccines and medicines’ to be administered to our most vulnerable, then made sure that their own children and grandchildren did not share the same risks. Whilst my Andrew was bombarded with vaccines processed from BSE infected cattle, Thatcher, her Ministers and Senior Scientists chose different lifestyles for themselves and their families.

I leave it the readers of this blog to digest the information I continue to uncover and to form your own conclusions…..

Tuesday 22nd September 2009

This time of the year really is really poignant and painful for me …as Summer turns to Autumn, the days grow shorter and hours of daylight and sunshine less…so it reminds me of the final horrific months of my Andrew…… with the dying of the year he died by degrees every minute of the day……
andrew nove 2007






Wednesday 2nd September 2009

On 2nd September 1983 at 1:20pm lunchtime Andrew was born in St Mary’s Hospital Portsmouth. Nearly eight pounds at birth he was such a strong baby that within a few days he was raising his head and having a good look around…that curiosity for life and the world around him remained throughout his too short life of 24 years.



Andrew grew into a strong and energetic boy and young man….

Like any Mum I had so many hopes, wishes and dreams for my boy …the foundations of which was that he would have a long, happy, healthy life……

I miss my Andrew so much his smile, his laughter and most of all the future he should have had with his family, partner, friends and colleagues…… the dreams he will never fulfil the future that has been stolen from him…….


Time does not bring relief; you all have lied
Who told me time would ease me of my pain!
I miss him in the weeping of the rain;
I want to hold him in my arms at the shrinking of the tide;
The old snows melt from every mountain-side,
Heaped on my heart, and my old thoughts abide.

There are a hundred places where I fear
to go- so with his memory they brim.
And entering with relief some quiet place
Where never fell his foot or shone his face
I, say ‘There is no memory of him here!’
And so stand stricken, so remembering him.

Edna St Vincent Millay