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Andrews_last_days_with_mumIn 2007 my beloved son Andrew died from vJCD aged just 24. Since then I have created a campaign to find out how and why he died and who is to blame for this terrible disease. This is my blog containing much of the material I have collated and the history of the campaign.  



Friday 2nd October 2015

A cow drops dead  from mad cow disease on a farm in Wales. How many more cows not showing symptoms of BSE continue to enter the human food chain here in the UK and globally?

How safe is our food?  watch ‘cows cash and cover-ups investigating vcjd to find out more:

Saturday 26th September 2015

Today I attended the Memory Walk in Portsmouth in aid of a ‘world without dementia’. People from across the area with their families, dogs and children walked either 3km or 10km in memory of a loved one who had died  or were suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

I was there to offer my support and raise awareness about CJD and all forms of dementia and how patients with dementia need the correct diagnosis as speedily as possible to receive the correct medication and treatment; for their particular form of the disease.

memory walk sept 2015

I was also there to remember my son Andrew and to highlight that very young people in their teens and early twenties also can suffer from the terrible symptoms of dementia, due to CJD the human form of BSE.

Thursday 10th September 2015

Explosive research by a leading UK scientist Professor John Collinge has revealed that Alzheimer’s may be transmissible in the same way as vCJD, the human form of mad cow disease.

Alzheimer’s  disease which causes devastating memory loss,  will now be recognised as  ‘prion disease’ under the same umbrella as the human form of BSE.


Billy H with poster thatcher and blood

Professor Collinge’ from University College London, research raises concerns that Alzheimer’s could be transmitted via surgery and blood transfusions, in the same way that Human Mad Cow disease has claimed many of its victims.

I am glad that Professor Collinge who treated my son, has revealed his findings. For some time experts have warned there is a strong link between the millions of people contracting dementia world- wide and CJD

All of these patients would have been exposed to BSE infected material during the 1980s and 1990s.

Infected beef flooded the UK and global human food and medicine chain for over a decade.

I gave oral and written evidence at the House of Commons, for the Science and Technology Committee. Their report raised grave concerns about many older people being  mis-diagnoised with atypical dementia when in fact they have cjd.*

I will continue to push for all hospital patients and blood donors to be screened for vcjd, to prevent other needless deaths. I will also continue to be the voice of all of those affected by cjd and dementia.

It’s what my Andrew asked me to do.

*( House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report ‘ After the storm? UK blood safety and the risk of vcjd’ Conclusions Para 21)

Tuesday 8th September 2015

Three people in the last month have died of the human form of mad cow disease in Italy, two of the latest victims came from the Puglia region and died within a few weeks of each other.

Many cases of vcjd have been diagnosed in Italy and then brushed under the carpet by officialdom. I know of this because of my visits to Italy and meeting/filming families affected.

Human BSE continues to kill , whilst governments continue to hide the true numbers of cases in an effort to protect the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries and their huge profits.

My condolences to the Italians families affected, I will continue to fight for all victims of vcjd and their loved ones.

‘Mad cow’ fears after man dies in Turin

Published: 07 Sep 2015 10:21 GMT+02:00

An investigation has been opened after a man died from suspected ‘mad cow’ disease in Turin last week.

Francesco Catapano, a 53 year old from Ottaviano near Naples, was hospitalized in Turin in June and was later diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, otherwise known as ‘mad cow”disease.

He died on September 1st at Turin’s Molinette hospital.

The illness causes the brain tissue to deteriorate rapidly, resulting in death, usually within months.

It became notorious in the 1990s after an outbreak was attributed to eating infected meat and dubbed ‘mad cow’ disease by the media.

Only one form of the disease, variant CJD, is due to eating contaminated food, but officials believe this could be the cause of Catapano’s death.

“Genetic predisposition was not revealed during early exams and some of the results from the diagnostic procedure suggest that the case may be down to contaminated food,” Antonio Scarmozzino, health director at Molinette hospital, told La Stampa.

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Today would have been Andrews birthday, so many long years without my son, so many years that Andrew should have lived, laughed and loved. He died at 24 and today he would have been just 32 years old. So young so much to live for…..

andrew madam tussauds

Time can never heal when there are so many unanswered questions about human BSE, and those responsible free and able to reap the financial rewards of their corruption and lies. Most have either become millionaires or very wealthy because of their involvement in the human BSE cover-up. Douglas Hogg, who fiddled his MPs expenses and was one of the architects of BSE and its corruption has just been made a peer in the House of Lords.  Prime Minister, David Cameron is full of praise of Hogg who allowed millions of our families to be exposed to the human form of mad cow disease. Hogg will now sit alongside John Gummer in the House of Lords.

Any psychologist will tell you that families of children unlawfully killed, can never find any semblance of peace until those responsible for their loss have been made accountable.

I will continue to campaign and to strife for justice for Andrew and all victims of cjd, whilst safeguarding other families.

The world is a much poorer place without my beautiful boy Andrew, and remains a darker place whilst those responsible for BSE and it lethal on-going consequences to humans and animals remain feted and free.

 andrew 8 months mum

Young Life cut short – for the brother of a dear friend

Do not judge a biography by it’s length,
Nor by the number of pages in it.
Judge it by the richness of it’s contents

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most poignant

Do not judge a song by it’s duration
Nor by the number of it’s notes
Judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul

Sometimes those unfinished are among the most beautiful

And when something has enriched your life
And when it’s melody lingers on in your heart
Is it unfinished?
Or is it endless?

Monday 3rd August 2015

Do we really know what’s in our kids food?

Be part of a major film, keep our families safe from the on-going threat of human BSE. As the latest horse meat scandal highlighted – do we honestly know what’s going on in our food?

We need  just a couple of thousand pounds to complete our one hour shocking  documentary which will blow the lid on the corruptions and cover-ups in Westminster and globally, that allow large food corporations and pharmaceuticals to dictate government policy.

If you care about the food you eat, the politicians you elect, the scientists you place your trust in….

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Wednesday 8th July 2015

Check out the new documentary which will reveal, the many secret documents and cover-ups I have discovered, regarding BSE. Corruption within our government that goes right to the top of the establishment.

How millions of us have been exposed to a deadly disease which the UK government condoned, because they put profits of big business and  officials careers before our children’s lives and futures. Human Mad Cow disease continues to kill in 2015 and affects us all. View the documentary to find out more.

Cows, cash, and cover ups, investigating variant CJD 2015 and beyond

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