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Andrews_last_days_with_mumIn 2007 my beloved son Andrew was unlawfully killed by  vJCD/human BSE, aged just 24. Since then I have created a campaign to find out how and why he died and who is to blame for this terrible disease. This is my blog containing much of the material I have collated and the history of the campaign.  



Monday 13th February 2017

We have released a trailer of our shocking new one hour indpendent documentary,

’ Cash, cows and cover-ups’

Please share the link below. I will let you know when the documentary in full is being broadcast. I have worked for over 18 months researching and filming the documentary and have uncovered some shocking new facts and information that the UK government and other establishments wanted to keep secret. Partickular Films are the great production company which has filmed, edited, and directed this great film. It has been produced with passion, professionalism and facts, with many world exclusive revealed.

We have filmed across the UK and in the USA  and the documentary is for release to a national and international audience.

This campaign and film is not just about the unlawful death of my son Andrew and all victims of human BSE but about you and your families. I want to know that the food that children and families in 2017 are eating and the medicines they are ingesting are safe and not a poisoned chalice. Sadly our  governments and the global food companies care little for animal or human health with profits the driving force.

If you care about the food you eat, the scientists you put your trust in and the politicians you vote for please watch the trailer and support the documentary when its broadcast.

This concerns everyone, I want to make sure your children are safe, your friends, family and you do not become infected with BSE, do not become disabled or die through human mad cow disease.

‘cash, cows and cover-ups’  and justice4andy  campaign is about keeping your family safe too!

The trailer is also on YouTube

Please circulate

The link is now on Vimeo:




Monday 6th February 2017

This evening I am appearing on BBC1 ‘INSIDE OUT’ at 7.30pm its a shocking investigation into diseases that can be transmitted from domestic animals to humans. How the UK government  in 2017 continue to cut funding regarding testing farm animals for disease and its on-going effect on food safety.

Below is  latest research which highlights the on going ticking time-bomb which is human BSE and how millions remain at risk of dying of the human form of mad cow disease.

With this blog is photo of me filming in snowy countryside on a farm. I talk about BSE and my fight to protect the UK and global public from the government/ corporate greed and corruption that unlawfully killed my son Andrew and how BSE will continue to kill people for generations.  I also discuss other zoonotic diseases which will flourish all the time government policy condones profit before human health.


Many more people could still die from mad cow disease in the UK



Wednesday 1st February 2017

Roger Hiorns Turner nominated artist has an exhibition of his work at the world famous IKON gallery in Birmingham, UK.

The show is on for 3 months December 2016- March 2017 and includes items from campaign and also Roger’s art expressing the  tragedy and corruption surrounding the BSE epidemic and its fatal human consequences.  Please go along if you are in the area.

Photo with this blog is of Christine and Roger at his show. My book ‘Who killed my son?’ is also available at the IKONs book store and their catalogue. See link below.


Monday January 30th 2017

This footage on Youtube  (see below) of a cow staggering and dying of BSE in Belgium , highlights the ticking health-time bomb that is mad cow disease. It has not gone away and is endemic in cattle. With the closing of animal autopsy facilities in England and the UK no longer testing for BSE. How many hundreds of cattle here in the UK and globally are still entering the human food chain that are infected with mad cow disease?

The footage of the cow unable to walk due to deadly mad cow disease and the  Belgium officials off-hand response that:

Only one cow has BSE’ and that it’s therefore  safe and ok for Belgium families and their children to consume bovine material is false.  Totally appalling that profit before lives always dominates governments agendas.

BSE in cattle is never isolated to just one case.  What about the cows that had already gone to slaughter and not showing symptoms? they would be toxic and  infectious too!

How many cows in the Belgium herd were incubating or carrying mad cow disease and  entered the human food and medicine chain?  


Of course people who consume this toxic material will not show symptoms for many years, by then the farm may well be owned by another farmer and the officials who say eating beef is safe moved on to another post.

All of the cattle in the affected herd should have been immediately destroyed including calves and parents of the cows.

Also all meat and milk that had been sent from the farm should have beentraced and consumers informed.

The culture of global ministerial and official secrecy which killed my son Andrew and hundreds innocent victims, disabled thousands and put millions at risk continues to condone and hide the truth/ facts about BSE and its human on-going deadly consequence vcjd

Photos with this blog of me and my son Andrew aged 24 at Southampton Hospital the day he was diagnosed with human mad cow disease, and 6 months before he died of human BSE. The other photo taken just a short while before of Andrew healthy and well in San Francisco USA.