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Andrews_last_days_with_mumIn 2007 my beloved son Andrew died from vJCD aged just 24. Since then I have created a campaign to find out how and why he died and who is to blame for this terrible disease. This is my blog containing much of the material I have collated and the history of the campaign.


Friday November 21st 2014

Read why this bereaved mother and investigative journalist has been repeatedly threatened by the establishment, and why Prime Minister David Cameron and his government continue to ignore human mad cow disease a UK deadly disease, which one in 2,000 of the population silently carry or incubate.

Book cover who killed my son by christine lord


Monday 17th November 2014


Many families previously unknown to me who have been affected by human BSE came forward during my recent book signing. The list of victims of human mad cow disease grows daily and yet the UK government continues to deny the true numbers of people who have died, are dying ,disabled or are ‘at risk’ of developing vCJD. The biggest health and political cover-up of modern times  continues to weave its sinister web perpetrated by the establishment and  condoned by the Westminster cronies of those I name and shame on this website.

Thursday 6th November 2014

There was a wonderful response from members of the public during my meet the author, talk, book signing as part of Portsmouth BookFest. People were appalled at the lack of cohesion and dis-regard Prime Minister David Cameron and his government have for victims of Vcjd and blood safety.

I have several more leads too, invites to give talks to various organizations and of course book sales went very well too!

Below is link to Andrew’s Facebook page and also some photographs taken at the event by my PR supporter and the media.

Book cover who killed my son by christine lord


The Government has rejected calls for further research and safeguards into vCJD the human form of mad cow disease.  It has dismissed the significant and essential recommendations that an Inquiry by influential MPs from the Science and Technology Committee made in their report. (Published 24th July 2014.)

The MPs took a detailed look at Britain’s blood supply and the very real risk that human BSE is being passed on by blood donors who are unaware they are carrying the infection.

chris downing st

Two essential recommendations the Inquiry members made was a large scale vCJD blood prevalence study in the UK within 12 months, to find out how many in the population have been exposed to BSE. The second recommendation was research into dementia, amid concerns that CJD is being mis-diagnosed particularly in the elderly. The government has rejected both of these stating there is no test for vcjd and the second that funding is not available to explore just how many people with dementia are really dying of vcjd.

I challenged this very strongly, there are and have been tests but these have been vetoed by the Department of Health. Myself, and other families affected by vCJD tried to send our late family members blood samples to foreign independent scientists developing screening tests for vcjd. We were intimidated and blocked from doing this, the Department of Health control all blood and tissue samples.

I appeared on BBC Radio just thirty minutes after the report was published, late on Friday evening. (see link above)

It the usual tactic by Whitehall spin doctors a good time to bury bad news.

The UK population face a deadly potential epidemic on our doorstep which was highlighted repeatedly within the Inquiry’s published report.

Every time this campaign and experts present facts about the ticking health time bomb that is human BSE and demand action, it is dismissed and pushed aside by the authorities.

This is not about lack of funding this is all about protecting those responsible for BSE and its deadly on-going consequences.

Hospital patients are not screened for vcjd, blood donors are not screened for human BSE, and with upwards of 60,000 of us carrying or incubating the disease, Human BSE is being re-cycled again and again within the wider population.

I remain determined and upbeat, my evidence is now in the archives of Hansard my book selling well on Amazon, my investigations on track and gaining more momentum.

When Andrew was dying he asked me to find out who was responsible for his illness and also to protect other families, I continue to honour those promises as a mother, campaigner and journalist.

These are the recommendations which were rejected by the Government.

1. A recommendation that the Government begin a large scale vCJD blood prevalence study in the UK within 12 months ( Conclusion paragraphs 14/15)

2. A recommendation that the Government conduct immediate audit on those ‘at risk’ of vCJD. ( see Conclusion Report paragraph 18)

3. Calls for the Government to back research into atypical dementia- amid concerns that CJD is being mis diagnosed in the elderly (Report Conclusion paragraph 21)

4. Criticism of SABTO ( the advisory committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs) for its ‘relaxed’ approach to vCJD in the light of recent evidence as one in every 2,000 people could be infected with vCJD without showing any symptoms. (Conclusion Report paragraph 22)

5. Criticism of the Government for its current attitude ‘ our fear is that the Government current attitude is driven less by the available scientific evidence than by its optimism that vCJD is no longer a threat to public health that it once was. In the current economic environment this attitude is not surprising. However its is not justified for all we know the storm may well be on-going.’ (Report Conclusion paragraph 23)